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Have you used it yet?

You know that thought that keeps popping up after a lovely holiday – no, not the one that wishes you were still on holiday but the nagging little one that tries to get you off your butt – “I really should MOVE IT!”

Well it’s time to listen to it! Use that voice in your head to do something!

Left to our own devices we humans can procrastinate – A LOT! (not that there’s anything wrong with that IF it’s the right kind of procrastination!!! But that’s a trade secret for another time)

And before too long we’re all standing around shuffling our feet and remarking “Gosh is that the date? Where HAS the year gone”…

…all that wasted precious time!

But I don’t want that to be you. Because I really, REALLY want you to do well this year – exceed your expectations in fact!

And I have a trade secret to share…

True confession – I have a coach – actually I have two! TO MAKE ME DO WHAT I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULD DO! And I have a VA who makes sure I do it too! (And helps – quite a lot)

So, just what did you put into practice last year to get you MOVING towards:

  • getting out of chaos and under control,
  • making more money with less stress
  • and working with more of the customers and clients you REALLY want?

Now, I’ve got some good news and some bad news …

I am personally going to work with a handful of “I NEED THIS NOW – IT CANT WAIT” committed business owners to blast your business through the roof in the next 90 days!

I guarantee that before the 90 days is up you will think differently, do things differently and get the specific measurable outcomes you want – with accountability!

The good news is The Business Bliss Program is blasting off – THIS MONTH!!!

The bad news is if you snooze you lose…

You can’t just pay and join my programs… I’m very picky about who I work with. We have to be a good fit together. I have to know that you will keep your promises! As I will keep mine.

APPLY HERE – yes you can read through the details first.

To see if we can work together we’ll have a 10 minute chat and I’ll tell you honestly if I can help you or not.

Sound fair?

But you know, this is not for everybody – if it’s just not what you’re looking for or you might be up to your ears in stuff that is more important and urgent than your business right now…

I get that.

So to keep you ticking along, here are some freebies

1. Download my “The 7 Business Building Tools You’ll Need to Make THIS Your BEST YEAR YET” for FREE here.

2. Watch the Business Bliss video – you can download or watch it here.

Here’s to a BRILLIANT Year!



PS – Let’s get this party started! Join here.

PPS My clients are already MOVING – Tracey Loubser said on FB last week: “Nothing like a Coaching call with Pauline Bright to get to back into the “swing of running your own business” after a great holiday – with a polite kick in the BUM to get you more “on the MOVE”!!”

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