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Things change.

The business you have now might not be the one you started out with. It may have grown so quickly you’ve overstretched yourself and things have become a little crazy.

It may have veered off course. You might even have fallen out of love with it.

You’ve changed too. Your ideas, your role and your experiences have shaped a new you.

So, you’re thinking right now. “I need some help to grow, scale, fix or redesign my business.”

I get that! Because I’ve been a serial business owner all my life – I’ve had lots of businesses and over the last 14 years I’ve coached and trained hundreds of business owners in many industries to get the best from themselves and their business.

Let’s clarify your situation:

#1 “I’m a bit stuck and I need to talk this over to get clear about where my business is headed”

There’s no shame in being stuck. It happens to all of us.

If the way forward looks to hard, or too slow or too… something – but you don’t know what that frustration is, only that it feels like you’re going in circles, we need to work that out.

Let’s talk and get you unstuck!
How about an injection of enthusiasm, some fresh ideas and some proven strategies to get you back in the game?

#2 “Business is developing fast. I’m busy and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I’m not sure what I should be doing differently.”

You’re relatively ‘together’ – things have been going well, but you harbour a secret desire to get much better at running a business rather than just working in it.

You know you could be doing better financially. Your time is blowing out to fill nights and weekends and your family are starting to wonder who you are. You’re always ‘busy’ and you can’t get to the special projects you want to work on!

#3 “I’ve reached my original goals. I’m good at what I do but I need better structure and strategies to help me bring my Big Vision to reality.”

You’ve reached a level of sophistication in your business. It’s going relatively well but there’s another level that you’re aspiring to and it’s going to take something more strategic than working harder.

You’re ready to learn more about your own unique Genius and start putting it to good use.

Finding your true purpose and working on leaving a legacy may be your focus. This business is bigger than you.

#4 “Honestly? I just don’t love it as much as I used to.”

When a business takes more than it gives and leaves you overwhelmed and exhausted, questioning your sanity, then it’s time to take charge of what happens next.

If you want to fall back in love with it, you’ll need some practical strategies – not just Googled generic advice dished up by people who’ve never experienced falling out of love.

You’ll need to think differently about it and make some bold moves to reignite the romance.

It needs some solid strategies as well as an infusion of love, fun, passion, humour and shared wisdom.
You might need the metaphorical equivalent of a sassy new haircut, some smart new clothes and a good manicure. Or, it could be what’s needed is a total facelift – a major makeover, inside and out.

And if the romance really has died but you’re still in love with the entrepreneurial dream, we’ll find a way to ignite a new romance.

Where to from here?

If you’re thinking “Hey, that’s me!” then recognising where you’re at is a great place to start, especially if everything rattles around in your head and you keep rehashing the same solutions. You need a new perspective and some fresh ideas.

Before we change anything, we’ll start with a deep dive review of your business to find out what’s working, what’s not and where you are in the Evolution of your Business.

Then we’ll map out a plan of action so you can confidently move forward. Depending on the size and complexity or your business, this is usually done in an initial 2 hour or 4 hour session – or it could be up to a whole day – to work out what you really want, your goals and the strategies to achieve them. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and invest some sessions helping you get into the work that needs doing.

The length of a coaching program varies depending on your needs. Coach sessions happen by phone, online or offline depending on your location.

Get started

If you’re thinking you’d like to work with me the first step is to schedule a phone call. You can introduce me to you and your business and tell me a bit about what’s going on.

We’ll have an initial chat for a round 15 minutes.  You can book a call with me here.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Hello, I’m Pauline Bright.

I help business owners with big ideas design the kind of business they’ve always wanted.

I’m fascinated by challenges that puzzle, confound or frustrate business owners. I love helping professional practices and left-brain businesses find creative solutions to money, marketing, people-wrangling and pretty much anything a growing business can throw at you.

I’ve coached and trained hundreds of business owners, reinventing and redesigning their businesses to get a lot more enJOYment out of their work – and life!

Let’s talk.

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