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Ok, so I’m a little quirky.

No, I don’t see dead people, but I DO see potential and I’m very good at painting a picture of what a person’s business could look like in the future. Then I roll up my sleeves and work with them to make it happen.

I’m an ideas person and an action person. I love seeing plans come to fruition.

I love to work with people who are big thinkers and big doers.

My background is in art and design and serial business ownership in LOTS of businesses over the last 35+ years.

I use my creator brain and my logical brain to help people design the kind of business they’ve always wanted. I coach, mentor and train business owners – but business design is so much more than that. It is human potential mixed with innovation and technology to produce something greater than its individual parts.

That’s the stuff that lights me up.

I’m intensely curious about human potential and what makes us do what we do.
And because business and life can get too serious, I love to have a laugh and approach problems with playfulness.

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Official Bio

I have an ‘official’ bio that tells you more about what I’ve done and who I’ve worked with. If you’re keen to know, you can find it HERE

Pauline Bright
I am an award-winning business owner, presenter, speaker, writer, business coach and mentor who has coached and trained hundreds of people one-on-one and thousands more in groups, to trust in themselves, believe in their dream and do the work that is necessary to be a success. Some of my story is told in the book “Extra. Ordinary. Businesswomen” for Business Women Australia. 

My clients come from many SME and corporate sectors: they are accountants, lawyers, finance brokers, financial planners, IT professionals, consultants, coaches and trainers, tradespeople, retailers, franchisees and many more…  I love the cross pollination they bring to my game. They have brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. They have a drive to succeed.

My business clients win Telstra awards, Asia Pacific Business Excellence awards, Regional and Local awards, Franchise Council awards, Best Business awards, Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year, Best Innovation, Leadership awards … a long list.

My own awards include the Enterprising Woman Business Owner award, and Best Franchise Award for my business coaching business.  I have been voted into the Top 100 Influential Business People in the Perth Small Business Community.

When I became a business coach in 2005 I was a top 10 finalist in the ActionCOACH Rookie of the Year Award chosen from amongst 300 new coaches globally. I was recognised over several years amongst the Top 100 List of Global Action coaches – putting me amongst the top 10% in the world.

I left my ActionCOACH franchise 6 years ago to develop my unique style of business coaching, with a more creative right brain approach.

Once a business has got beyond its first few years, it’s ready for a more sophisticated approach. The bits that were cobbled together at the beginning while the owner was learning their craft, need refinement. The modalities I use are coaching and mentoring but the essence of what I do comes down to designing a business that fits the owner like a glove. I’m a business designer.

I now also develop online programs for a global audience, I am a Skillshare teacher with students world-wide and, at the invitation of Canadian company CPD Formula, I am developing courses for Canadian Accountants to earn accredited CPD points.

Business Experince
As a business owner I know what it takes to be successful. I have owned 11 businesses continuously over the last 35+ years, some of them simultaneously. My businesses have been in design, consulting, retail, manufacturing, and wholesaling.  I worked for over 25 years in the advertising industry as a graphic designer. I freelanced in advertising agencies in Perth and London and wrote for and was profiled in national magazines. My design work has been distributed globally.

I have been a trainer, facilitator and workshop presenter for Bunnings, Mitre 10, Mirvac, Spotlight, the Association of Australian Financial Advisers, Australian Information Security Association, Waikiki Private Hospital, Women In Business WA, Business Women Australia, Suncorp Bank, Plan B Insurance, Peel Chamber of Commerce, Shire of Murray, Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, several national franchises and I have a long list of private small to medium business clients.

Interviewed on radio, podcasts and in the print media I am a sought-after business commentator.  I have facilitated and been a keynote speaker at the Peel Future-Proof Business Conference, Women in Government Conference, Women in Business WA and Business Women Australia events, and the Professional Women’s Network for the Peel Chamber of Commerce. I currently take active roles on the leadership team for Business Women Australia and the board of the Peel Chamber of Commerce.

Rolling up my sleeves to do what needs to be done for the good of an organisation, I love to work alongside business owners and their teams.  My services encompass financial education and structure, marketing, especially in the areas of presentation and speaking skills, leadership, professional writing, business development, and building and influencing relationships.  I have a strong bent for businesses that run smoothly with good processes and systems – and that are immensely enjoyable for their owners, team members, customers and suppliers.

Working closely with Peel Chamber of Commerce and Business Women Australia I have coordinated several programs to help those organisations communicate with members and grow the membership.  I am passionate about business – my own and others. I love to coach, mentor, speak and inspire, plan, strategize, and implement. I live in Mandurah Western Australia. My clients come from all over Australia so those I can’t meet with in person, I meet online.


Hello, I’m Pauline Bright.

I help business owners with big ideas design the kind of business they’ve always wanted.

I’m fascinated by challenges that puzzle, confound or frustrate business owners. I love helping professional practices and left-brain businesses find creative solutions to money, marketing, people-wrangling and pretty much anything a growing business can throw at you.

I’ve coached and trained hundreds of business owners, reinventing and redesigning their businesses to get a lot more enJOYment out of their work – and life!

Let’s talk.

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