Thank goodness you’re here!

Is it possible that you’ve come looking for something to get you unstuck? Out of overwhelm or boredom or that niggling feeling that business should be more enjoyable than the way you’re currently doing it?

You have ideas and ambitions and you know you’re capable of “more”, but you don’t know what that looks like let alone how to make it happen.

And you don’t want “more” to be about busyness, stress and overwhelm. You want your life and your business to be “more” … more meaningful … and rewarding… and enjoyable. With more time off!

Take a breath. Then take a tour – synchronicity has occurred and you’re about to find a whole new way of running a business without sacrificing yourself in the process.

Free resources to get you thinking differently about your business.

Ideas and inspiration to help your business become more
sophisticated and less like a “time for money” job.

Online courses to help you make running your business easier and more profitable.

What is Business Design?

Put simply, Business Design is innovation – turning IDEAS – (especially the wild ones!), into BUSINESSES with long term viability delivering personal, social and financial rewards beyond that of an ordinary business.

For a new business, it’s the start of something big and well worth investing time and energy now to create the business you really want.

For an existing business, it’s like a fresh new renovation – and you choose how you want it to look and function.

The Modalities I use are Business Coaching, Mentoring and Training – the results are extraordinary.

You’ll have a business that fits you like a glove.
Let’s talk, I’d love to hear what you have in mind.

Hello, I’m Pauline Bright.

I help business owners with big ideas design the kind of business they’ve always wanted.

I’m fascinated by challenges that puzzle, confound or frustrate business owners. I love helping professional practices and left-brain businesses find creative solutions to money, marketing, people-wrangling and pretty much anything a growing business can throw at you.

I’ve coached and trained hundreds of business owners, reinventing and redesigning their businesses to get a lot more enJOYment out of their work – and life!

Let’s talk.

Book a call with me.
Business Designer
Business Coach


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