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Your problem is never as bad as you think it is… 13 strategies to deal with it

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Client walks into a session today overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and crying over money and staff issues

One hour later – session ends, client walks out smiling, energised, enthusiastic – she has a page full of notes, ideas and strategies to work on to get her out of burnout and into bliss over the next 90 days.

It’s not uncommon, a meltdown – it may even have happened to you… once or twice … or about a million times!

So what is the MAGIC we worked together?

Now first I have to say, that what I REALLY like about this client (and why I chose to take her on) is that she said “I take responsibility – it’s my fault. What do we do to fix it?”

Actually she needed to think differently. She wasn’t truly stuck, just feeling a lack of resourcefulness – and her Mojo had wandered off for a coffee somewhere.

We looked at the positives: She has no current debts; she has a business earning income so she has cashflow (but not enough of it) and she has stock and services to sell, people to do the work and a database of clients.

So for the rest of the session we brainstormed ideas…

And came up with over 15 ideas that she can implement in the next 90 days to get her business out of chaos and back into bliss –  to get the money flowing and the team on side.

Here’s some of what we came up with in just over ONE HOUR:

1. She has a database full of current and past customers – which she has NEVER tapped into.

  • We’ll now be working on making contact through email marketing and an online newsletter to reignite the “lapsed” clients and to nurture the current ones
  • She has a Facebook page  and website that need work, so she’ll be adding content and enriching the experience for visitors
  • We’re creating some “irresistible offers” excusive to her best clients
  • She’ll be producing a hard copy newsletter – just one A4 sheet printed both sides to start
  • As well as having the hard copy newsletter in her business premises it will also go to her strategic alliances to promote referrals
  • She’ll be hosting some intimate “bring a friend” in-house events to get more referrals
  • She’ll invite her strategic alliances to speak and partner with her at events – at her premises and theirs

2. There are some money leaks and blockages

  • The team will have weekly sales training to learn how to sell elegantly, delivered by the best salespeople on the team
  • The team will learn how to upsell “would you like ‘fries’ with that”? We’ve identified a number of ‘fries’ in the business
  • She is reviewing her prices – she hasn’t put them up in a long time
  • We identified that money is leaking out of the business because the staff is undercharging or not charging properly. They will be trained to use the POS software correctly.
  • We’ll implement some “house rules” for staff and expect more considerate behaviour
  • She has worked out her “break-even” point -what the business needs just to survive and pay its bills and set targets for what she really wants.

Now, she can’t do all this tomorrow – so her homework is to put these strategies into a timeline for the next 90 Days.

None of this is rocket science – you may have heard it before. But to make it work you need to know which buttons to press and when. And if you’re like me you’ll do way better when someone is either holding your hand or giving you a size 9 boot where it’s most needed. (YES I have a coach – actually two of them… double accountability!)

Look if you know you need this kind of support to get you moving with energy and enthusiasm – and if it’s time to call your Mojo back from coffee break … then you probably should look at the “From Business Burnout to Business Bliss in Under 90 Days” Program.

It’s already started – people are already kicking goals!

CLICK HERE for the details

It’s by application only, you can’t just sign up, so we’ll need to talk after you’ve filled in the application. I need to know that you will work and that you’ll be successful.

Let’s get you moving eh?

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