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7 thoughts on “A pat on the back before you move on”

  1. Logically the points do make sense, however for me:I enjoy checking my stats, prgrmaoming, building websites, and many times writing content. It may cost me in the long run financially but I’m much happier doing things myself, it’s the reason I play this game.

  2. Learning to think is about seeing both sides of an issue and learning to think – instead of being controlled by your small minded opinions may save humanity from its path of destruction.Not being able to think is our problem and anything that encourages that must be good.

  3. "Pelo andar da carruagem já não vai a tempo de resolver."Já percebi. É desta que o capitalismo se vai vergar face à superioridade das recentes medidas do governo cubano e da superioridade do sistema de ensino cubano.É desta que o capitalismo capitula.

  4. Amanda Lee has posted the article I’ve been looking for – “How to Make Heels Bearable“! I will be trying out these tips as soon as I can find a nice pair of heels that actually

  5. , I've had a couple of great meals at Le Cafe Anglais, the parmesan custard with anchovy soldiers is sublime and points to Mr Leigh, who unlike many chefs and restaurateurs, is actually there most of the time.

  6. NB I hit “Submit” too early. Should have added that responsibility lies with the person indulging in the destructive behavior at all times, and that “addiction” does not mean “cannot help it”.

  7. “Every article will have a $49 price and a “Purchase Now” link to your shopping cart.” Not if they are all Open Access. As they should be. As they will be sooner or later. That is another element in the chicken-and-egg game: more there are papers that are OA, more easily it will be to persuade MSM to link to them; more the MSM implements links, more the journals will feel the pressure to make their papers OA.

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