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Introduction to Pauline Bright, Bright Business Women Podcast

Episode 1: Introduction to Pauline Bright, Bright Business Women.

In this first episode of the Bright Business Women Podcast I’ve turned the tables and invited my podcast coach Brett Jarman from Experts on Air to interview me so you get to know a bit about me, my own backstory and what drives me.

I’m Pauline Bright, the founder of Bright Business Coaching, the Bright Business Women Podcast, and I’m a lover of business, art, adventure and good stories.  I’m very curious about what makes people tick and I like to lead by example, so this podcast is to give you a taste-test of the kind of interviews and backstories I’ll be sharing.

In this episode…

  • What I learnt from having 11 businesses
  • Changing things up when they’re not working
  • Recognising your “Oh that’s me” pattern
  • Before business coaches
  • How Bewitched the TV show launched my career and defined my values
  • I wanted to be an artist and I wanted to work in Advertising. Darren’s legacy.
  • What a coach sees while you’re playing the game.
  • What it means to be a Creator under Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics profile
  • Lessons in relaxation and exploration from outdoor painting.
  • Why industry is not as important as the kind of people my clients are
  • Willingness, a spark, a good idea, intelligence, legs – and a sense of humour.
  • Testing my mettle: I never thought of myself as an adventurer, but I jumped out of a plane, and other exciting experiences.
  • The power of playing the movie in your head before you leap.
  • Jumping out of a plane / running a business – taking risks and the value of prior training
  • Becoming a speaker, my dad and other inspiring mentors.
  • I frightened myself but I did it anyway.
  • “I can do that, I can actually do that” – my intended message
  • Manifesting a peacock with the Law of Attraction
  • Luggage and The Law of Attraction
  • The Universe is already listening – stop nagging
  • Starting a podcast – listening to my Pilates instructor
  • Avoiding podcast fade-out after 7 episodes and how to stay in for the long haul

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Episode 1: Introduction to Pauline Bright, Bright Business Women.


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