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What’s your actual number?

Actual Numbers

How much money do you Fully Intend to earn from your business this year?

Note: “I didn’t say how much money would you like?” That’s a dream.

When I said “Fully Intend to earn” I don’t mean just some vague goal of “I want more money” blah blah blah.

I mean the actual NUMBER – the amount you will put in your pocket and why that’s important to YOU.


Would it make the world of difference to you…

  • to earn more than you did at your last job or last year in your business?
  • to live a better life with no holds barred?
  • to pay down some overwhelming debt?
  • To boost your self-esteem – to be paid what your worth ?


People get all hung up on money. They think it’s virtuous to say “It’s not about the money” but if you’re in business a big chunk of it IS about the money

Your financial success this year will depend on just TWO things

  1. How you think
  2. What action  you take


It’s not just a matter of setting a goal – that’s the easy part… (pick a number – any number…)

BUT – to get from the income you make now to exactly the income you REALLY want… well, HOW do you do that…?

THAT’S the question… isn’t it?

You see the mystery is in the HOW to do things and most people won’t tell you that.

I’ve been implementing this “money and numbers stuff” for quite some time now in my own businesses, and I teach this to my clients in all kinds of businesses, with remarkable results.

And I want to show YOU how to do it too because life’s too short to do this slowly… and painfully.

You lose too much money and momentum trying to figure this out on your own

Now this is not a “One Tip, One Trick” strategy. It’s a series of actions taken at the right time with the right knowledge that will get you where you want to go.

I’m talking about real commitment here.

I’m talking about rolling your sleeves up and getting into it. Even if you think you don’t like numbers. ESPECIALLY if you avoid this side of your business!

It WILL NOT take care of itself.

And YES it will take some hard work – but it won’t kill you, in fact it will definitely make you stronger!

Here’s a neat little tool to calculate how you’ll make that income – click here


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