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Why is a budget so important to your business, but so hard to do?


I have yet to meet anyone who likes the word “budget”!

It seems to have acquired a negative spin – Business Coach Mandurahlike “belt-tightening” or “big brother” standing over you… it may start feeling like there’s no fun in life if you have to budget!

Maybe the politicians have given it a bad rap! Treasurers rarely deliver a popular budget.

So let’s change the name shall we, to CASH FLOW; 2 really nice words that fit together.

Let’s put together a Cash Flow Forecast.

Serious FUN

When you are realistic about what it takes to run your business – how much money you need to spend and how much money you need to make you can start to get out of stress and into some Serious Fun!

And in that Cash Flow Forecast let’s include some FUN MONEY – money you can play with on a regular basis so it makes you feel good.

And let’s measure what happens with the Cash Flow Forecast, – your actual spending, because when you’ve taken the time to set it up and include all of the things you need and want to spend money on, then you know you’ll be able to sustain it. And you’ll enjoy life more.

So what is a Cash Flow Forecast?

Well, when you get the hang of this, you can have:

  • Cash flows for personal stuff (in fact I like to start with the personal stuff – because being a business owner should give you a better life – right?)
  • Cash flows for running your business – projected income and projected expenses in the months they actually occur
  • Cash flows for expanding and growing your business in the future so there are no nasty surprises when you get there.



I’ve had 11 businesses – not all of them reached their true potential because I told myself “I don’t do numbers”.

And every time I had an attack of “Ok Pauline, let’s do this – you know you have to”, I tried to learn it but it was being taught in such a mind-crushingly dry dusty boring way that I felt like giving up.

But I persevered and I learnt the language of numbers because I had to! It was sink or swim. I chose to swim!

And now I REALLY like numbers – seriously I think I’ve turned a bit nerdy. And I teach it in a Seriously Fun and easy to understand way.

I’d never realised the richness of what’s in a business until I learned about Money and Numbers. (I even coach accountants now! I could never have foreseen that.)


Being Good at What You Do is Overrated

Being good at what you do – the work of your business is not enough. You need to be able to accurately predict what will happen and when it will happen. And you seriously need to know the numbers to do that.

If you are running your business based on what’s in your bank account, you’re heading into shark-infested waters.  Please DON’T DO THAT!!!

And if you need help – then come to a Low cost/ High value workshop.

The first one is “Women and Money
Simple Practical Abundant Money Strategies for Women in Business

The next one is “Men and Money”

And there may even be a “Couples and Money”

Watch this space…

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