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Game ON

Is it time to play in a different league?

If your business were a game what league would you be playing in?
• Little league?
• State Tournaments?
• National Championships?
• Olympics or World titles?

Being honest with yourself, are you playing the game of business at the level you want to play at?

It could it be that you are taking your talents and skills and experience for granted and it is time to step up and play a BIGGER game!

WHO you pitch your business to may be an indication of the level of your confidence in yourself to deliver an outcome.

One Size DOESN’T fit all! Your business is NOT for everyone.

You may find that attracting “little league” customers who are not able to pay you what you’re REALLY worth is affecting your ability to make decent money, which in turn makes you nervous and erodes your confidence in yourself to run a successful business.

It’s hard to stay positive and motivated when you are struggling!

Here’s what I’ve discovered…

If you change your thinking about the game you’re playing, you can offer the same product or service to different levels of customers at different price points:

For example, a talented hairdresser can serve the local cut and colour market OR be a celebrity hairdresser to the stars. Same skill set, different market, different level of self-belief or desire.

Like having Bronze, Silver or Gold categories of customers
• DIY – do it yourself customers who prefer to do it themselves
• DIWM – do it with me customers who want some help
• DIFM – do it for me customers who want you to do it all for them

However that translates to your business, you can decide the “mix” of customers that you want – or only focus on ONE category.

Work out what is high FUN and high PROFIT for you and you never need to
struggle again.

If you want to play the game at a higher level, what level will you choose?

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