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Why a coach’s perspective is so important when you want to expand your business


“You know what you should do?”

…and so it starts again… the well-meaning but often unsought advice from someone who really doesn’t have a clue about your business.

“Here’s what I’d do if I were you…”, but they’re not you are they?

Everyone’s got an opinion – even people you’ve just met – and they’re more than happy to share it. But who do you listen to and trust enough to give you the right advice?

Unfortunately a lot of well-meaning advice gets tainted with emotion; friends and family want to see you do well, but they worry that you are overworking and not looking after yourself. They want to keep you safe.

They want you to be successful but maybe not too successful in case they lose you! You might get big and rich and famous and leave them behind!

Unless you’re getting business help and advice from a respected successful impartial friend or family member (which is amazingly brilliant and rare – lucky you!) then you’ll need to filter out the noise and concentrate on what YOU want.

So, why would you listen to a coach – aren’t they just another voice in the noise?

Well, the role of your coach is NOT to give you advice.

A really good coach is impartial, has no emotional stake in the business and will listen, guide and reflect back to you everything you need to get ahead. You already have most of the answers – you just don’t know that you do until your coach asks some key questions and keeps digging to get to the heart of things.

A good coach will educate you so that you can make informed decisions – but they won’t make the decisions for you.

If your coach has also walked a mile in your shoes before you, in their own business and life experience, then they may act as a mentor to show you what worked or didn’t work for them, but they won’t do it for you.

A good coach will see you as you are in the moment, without any of the life baggage you may be carrying around, and will be able to tap into your vision for the future, often stretching you way beyond what you thought you were capable of.

As Les Brown says “You have Greatness in you!” Why would you settle for mediocrity?

A good coach doesn’t take any BS – no excuses, no counselling, no jumping the fence to have a pity party with you. Sure, we’re tough but we’re compassionate, we can have a laugh, and we SEE you – I mean really SEE you – the best version of yourself.

We don’t dawdle; we like plenty of movement and momentum – as they say in kindy “You can have fun, but you’ve gotta get it done”.

A really good business coach is well versed in business – not just finance or sales or marketing or systems or HR – but ALL of the aspects of business and how it all fits and glides together.

It’s very likely there are some holes in your business – maybe you’re aware of them, maybe you don’t know what you don’t know.

Shall we go digging together to see what you don’t see right now?

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