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How to get your business Mojo back

Humans are goal-seeking missiles – but what happens when you actually reach your goals and you don’t know it?

Watch the 42 second video to find out how you’ll know

Or if you prefer to read – here’s the video script:

“You know, If you’re feeling a little bit irritated or you’ve lost your mojo or things aren’t quite going according to plan and you want to keep messing with your business a little, take a step back and have a think about this… What if you’ve actually reached the goal that you set out to reach in your business and now because you don’t have another goal you’re just messing with all the details and that could be messing with other people too which is totally messing with their head, so, step back, re-evaluate and think ‘Have I actually reached the goal I set out to reach? Is it time to reset a new one?’

Enjoy that thought.”


How to set new goals that light your fire

If your daily tasks feel like filling in time and doing things for other people then it’s likely that you’re not working on the projects that can help your business take a leap forward.

Getting your Mojo back will require a bit of thinking time, so set aside an hour or two to think about what you originally intended when you first started or bought your business. You might have to sacrifice some TV time.

What were the big adventurous courageous visions you had? Tap back into those feelings.

Now take one of those goals – because that’s what they were – and flesh it out a little. Break the milestones down into bite-sized chunks then work out a time-line of WHEN it will happen and HOW it will happen.

If you’re not confident with this or need a fresh set of eyes to show you what you can’t see – that’s what we can help with. Let’s talk!

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