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5 ways to get more business before you go on holidays!

If I had a dollar for everyone who tells me “My business is quiet at this time of the year”… “You can’t get customers at this time of year”… “My industry is different”…

Well, that would be a LOT of dollars – but that wouldn’t help IF I BELIEVED THEM!

I KNOW you can get customers at this time of the year – some of our best clients have come just before Christmas and other holidays. Here’s why and here’s what you can apply to your business.

1. Get the Jump – Pre-sell before the holidays

Holidays are the perfect time for relaxing and thinking about life. Your customers will be mentally planning (even if they don’t realise they’re doing it) – imagining how they want things to be this time next year – the holidays they’ll take, special projects they plan to do next year, things with the kids, things without the kids.

Think about your customers, what do you think they want right now – or early next year? What is the real benefit to a customer buying now rather than after the holidays? Find a way to help them buy it almost before they’ll need it and give them back their peace of mind for the holidays – you will have taken care of it for them.

What could you do? What have you got that you can pre-sell? You don’t have to deliver now, as long as the customer is happy that it’s a weight off their mind.

2. Position your product as the ideal gift to themselves

Help them indulge themselves.We’ve had clients buy our coaching services as a birthday or Christmas gift to themselves. It’s a little – or BIG – indulgence they may not normally allow themselves at any other time.

And don’t be worried about the dollars – your perception of what they will pay is entirely your own mental bias; people will buy what they want, when they want it and pay the price if it is something they’ve already mentally said “yes” to.

3. Get them started early – what is the benefit to THEM for buying this now?

Our clients pre-pay for their program then do a little “homework” in the interim, before we officially start – not that boring repetitive stuff you did at school but creative, fun, imaginative play; thinking and talking about “What if… we could have this, or make this happen? How would things be different if we…” We have a template for it, just some gentle prompts that are not too taxing but they get to the heart of the matter. Questions you probably wouldn’t ask yourself or each other if you were left to your own devices. Great conversation starters as you relax with a drink.

Give them a “starter” – a session, product or service. Let them get some real benefit and see the value of not waiting until after the holidays.

You’ll need to do some thinking about what you could offer and why the best time for them to get started is NOW!

4. Do special deals – ONLY available between now and Christmas or New Year

Make sweet deals; ones you can be proud of, ones you and your customers will be happy with, but watch your profit margins – don’t go giving away the farm!

Try these – alone or in any combination.

  • Bundles – what have you got that you could bundle up to add extra value? Have a bundle price that is better than the items/services etc. bought separately.
  • Freebies – every business has the ability to give away freebies – think “information”. What do you know that others would pay to know? Write it down, put it on a video, make an eBook, make a little online eCourse – give it away for free as a bonus with purchase. You have way more riches in your business than you know!
  • High value extras that don’t cost you too much – Think about things you could produce or get from suppliers that cost very little but have high value to the customer. What could you buy in bulk and repackage? What could you repurpose, reposition or reinvent – especially if you’re in the information business.
  • Baker’s dozen – if there is great value in keeping a customer for longer (and there always is) can you offer a Baker’s Dozen: 13 of something for the price of 12 – or any combination of this.
  • Free or nearly free membership – e.g. $1 deal for first month. If you have a paid membership program, a VIP club or any loyalty program or long term product or service give them tangible benefits to try before they buy.Whatever you do – don’t follow the crowd. Make your offer so unique that no-one else can copy it – be quirky, funny, outrageous – anything that makes you stand out in a crowd. You are not for everyone. Attract only your ideal customers who love what you do.

5. Team up with others – help them get more business too.

Business is not a solo game. Who else in your business community could you team up with to help them get more business? As the saying goes, “Help other’s get what they want and you’ll get what you want”.

Think creatively here – don’t just look at your first circle of affiliated businesses. It’s not just accountants teaming up with bookkeepers. Cast the net a little wider and think about your customers; what else could they be buying at this time of year? Accountants could team up with marketers or IT specialists or systems gurus to help their business clients fill in the gaps. Get the idea? Who would you like to start an affiliate business relationship with?

Unless you’re in an industry that forbids you to sell before Christmas or any other holiday, you really have no excuse. Get to it!

Want my pre-Christmas Special Gift?

Book a 15 min phone appointment HERE. Tell me what’s going on in your business and I’ll find something to help.

I love variety so EVERY gift is different and tailored to suit your business.

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