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3 Easy Steps To Write A Blog Or Social Media Post Now!


Quick and simple guidelines to create content

Here are the rules…

  • Don’t be generic – don’t write for everyone , write just for one person
  • You need to get inside their head to get to the HOT Buttons – make it personal.
  • Keep great notes on conversations with clients or customers – these are your source materials

Here are the steps:

Step #1

Identify a specific person

Write a list of the clients you’ve dealt with over the few weeks or few months – Name them. Some will stand out more than others because of the conversations you’ve had – choose the ones you’d most like to write for and that you have the most to contribute to

Step #2

Find their HOT Buttons

Under each name write down all the problems they have – real and perceived. Dig deep – find their fears and frustrations; what irks them, what keeps them awake at night, what they would do if they had a magic wand; what they most want your help with; their horror stories and their dreams and desires. Be very specific; not “needs more money” but “Needs to generate $5000 by Monday”

Step #3

Write the article in a particular style

Once you have the list, write an article for that person – just that person, because if one person has that problem or desire you can bet your boots others do too. Make it interesting to read – choose a style to write it in. It could be a case study, a rant, a “how to”, common myths… it could even be a checklist, FAQs or 3 Steps to do something.

You now have page full of ideas for articles, blogs, and social media posts – no more staring at a blank page. You can even turn these into videos or podcasts.


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