3×3 Genius Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

Here’s why the way you think about time and money needs an overhaul…

If you run a service-based business and you are charging an hourly rate for your very valuable time, then you’ve put a ceiling on your earning potential; it feels like the only way to make more money is to work longer hours, sacrifice your home life and your relationships and just tough it out…

Using these 3 Genius Hacks you’ll be doing high value work with clients you love which means more fun, money and freedom. Business owners who implement the Bright Business Blueprint discover better ways to make more money in the business they are already in.

The Six Figure Stress-Free Business focusses on 3 Core areas of your business to give you a better Framework to bring you better Clients who pay you more Money

THE 3 X 3 Genius Strategies draw from each section of the Bright Business Blueprint


what you’re worth


who you serve


the structure for smooth running

What if you don’t change at all… and something magical just happens?


I’m pragmatic enough to know that “for things to change first I must change” so I have a coach and mentors. I believe everyone does better when someone has your back or a size 9 boot to get you moving.

I also know that if I’m more dedicated to growing your business than you are then it will be a painful process. Not one I’m willing to undertake. I only work with people who are willing to help themselves. I can’t rescue you and I don’t listen to excuses.

I WILL however, help you become your true self – the best you can be in Life and in Business. You’ll understand how to work with the numbers in your business to get better results. You’ll attract better customers who are happy to pay you more money. You’ll learn to sell, without feeling icky or dirty about it. You’ll develop your business in ways that are more natural to YOU. It will run more smoothly.


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