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Expect some light bulb moments as you discover what makes you tick too.

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Episode 14

Show Notes         

Raechell Bidesi came to Clinical Pilates through a health challenge that saw her looking for not just a physical solution but a complete Mind / Body solution. She is co-owner and director of Mandurah Health Chiropractic and Pilates and is my personal Pilates Instructor. We have the most interesting conversations about the correlation between life, health and business so I thought you might like to eavesdrop on what we talk about too! 

  • Experiencing Pilates as a restorative mind body connection experience
  • The neurological connection to build strength, stamina and mobility
  • Feedback for adjusting your approach
  • Training the whole person. Adapting the program to how you’re feeling today.
  • Mindfulness to deal with the push, push push of everyday life
  • Joseph Pilates principles of concentration, control, centreing, precision, flow, and breath
  • Letting go of attachment
  • The perfection of being a beginner
  • Getting rid of labels and limitation – becoming fearless about moving more
  • Repetition: Getting to know something in many different ways
  • Balance and Pause – observing without judgement

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Phone Mandurah Health Chiropractic and Pilates (08) 9535 2303

Resources:  Joseph Pilates book Pilates Return to Life Through Contrology

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