Here’s what Pauline Bright’s clients say: 

Ellen Smith – Bayshore Naturopathics

My name is Ellen from Bayshore Naturopathics.

People close to me have commented on how much I have grown, both in business and personally since I have been working with Pauline Bright as my business coach – and it started in month one.

We’ve worked together over the last couple of years in many areas of my business; from effective marketing, to organizing myself, my time and my staff, she has helped me with my self-belief and self-confidence. Numbers no longer phase me, I can look at my profit and loss statements to better understand what’s going on in my business and make decisions based on real data. We’ve also introduced new exciting programs that will take my business to a new level and give me more time to do the work I love.

Pauline has the ability to become a part of your business – to get inside it and see what’s possible, and to help you make positive changes. I’d highly recommend her.”

Kate Barnes

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Pauline recently, who provided business coaching/strategy advice.

Pauline has the fabulous ability to quickly understand the essence of what a business and the owner/founder is all about, and importantly keeping them true to each other. Pauline gives simple and practical ideas and advice that instantly get to the heart of the matter or issue.

Her practical advice makes sense, gives clarity and clear steps on how to move forward, while demonstrating grace, deep insight, wisdom and impeccable professionalism. She is filled with passion and empathy, while offering sound business recommendations. In my experience, a unique combination.

I highly recommend Pauline to anyone wanting to move their business to the next level and build a strong foundation for success at the same time. Thanks very much Pauline, your work is invaluable.

Nick Hoare

Before we started coaching with Pauline our business was moving along without focused direction or vision, we had a wish rather than a plan and decisions were made without due diligence.

Our business is much more focused now, planning is taking place and target setting is planned every 3 months. After coaching with Pauline we now have a much stronger grasp on my figures, testing and measuring systems. I can now take a step back and look at the business with more clarity.

Since our coaching began we have increased our turnover by 27% two years in a row and built our team of contractors from 4 to 16.

When I first started coaching I found it challenging but quickly realized that after our meetings I came away full of ideas and strategies that would move our business in the direction we wanted. Having the ability to phone or email Pauline is a great asset in itself.

Our investment in coaching has had a great return from a business and personal point of view and has helped greatly to balance my life between work and family life.

Tracey Loubser – Confident Cashflows and Confident Cashflows Plus

“I’ve gone National! Thank you for being you Pauline, and thanks always for your support”

WINNER : 2014 WA Regional Small Business Awards – Home Based Business
WINNER : 2013 Alcoa Peel Excellence Awards – Home Based Business
WINNER : 2014 Alcoa Peel Excellence Awards – Home Based Business
WINNER : 2015 Alcoa Peel Excellence Awards – Home Based Business
WINNER : 2014 RKCC Telstra Regional Business Awards – Owner Operator
WINNER : Nifnex Top 100 Influential Business People Perth 2015
Finalist 2015 Australian Accounting Awards – “Thought Leader” category
As seen in the media : “Accountants Daily” & “Public Accountant“

“Pauline is an absolute gem in the world of business coaching!

I tested out other coaches before Pauline, but what I found in Pauline was something unique, insightful, relevant and to the point!

Pauline doesn’t mess around with generic coaching ideas.  Her extensive business experience gives you real hands on insight and solutions to get the results you want.  She gets right down the core of why you are in business, so you can design the business you want.”

Ray Briene – GeckoBlue Interiors

Winner RKCC Business Awards 2014 – Business Person of the Year
Winner RKCC Business Awards 2014 – Small Business of the year 2014
Winner RKCC Business Awards 2014 – Business of the Year 2014
La-Z-Boy WA highest % sales growth store 2011
La-Z-Boy WA highest % sales growth store 2014
Winner RKCC Business Awards 2012 – Micro business of the year 2012
Finalist RKCC Business Awards 2012 – Business person of the year 2012
Winner Nifnex Top 100 Influential Business People Perth 2015

“Pauline, you are certainly focused and on the ball; your enthusiasm is contagious and much enjoyed.”

“I know you are always honest, it is who you are and that’s what I like about you. I just wanted to be sure that you push my buttons and make me think, and go as hard as I can to succeed as quickly as I can.”

“I have attached my figures to date… it is clear to see that both Vanessa and I are doing a great job. Of course I would say that about myself!!!!!”

Heather Moseley – Shoreline Marine Fabrication

“It’s so much more energising to look forward rather than focus on the problems. (take-away!).

We are all starting to say…What would Pauline say?  We’re really
loving working with you.  You bring order to our thinking, take away the stress and replace it with a renewed excitement and vision forward.”

Teresa Tansell – Business owner & dancing diva

“Pauline has an uncanny ability to reveal strengths you didn’t know you had. Business coaching may be the official title of what Pauline’s done for me but it extends far beyond that.”

Jo Kennedy – Harley Boys

“Pauline Bright and Bright Business is a fabulous organization. We’ve been coached and mentored by her for quite some time now. And as a business we have grown through her knowledge and her expertise. We really appreciate all the work that she’s doing with us.”

Michele Emmerson-Law – Green House Realty

I’m Michele. The Money Mastery workshop is absolutely amazing.  I feel I’ve been challenged! I’ve got all sorts of different ideas and things going on in my mind and I’m going off to start living in my core genius. Thanks very much Pauline!”

Fleur Allen – Founder, Director, Master Networker at Out of the Box Biz

“Pauline is an expert in her field and able to motivate you into action efficiently and effectively. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about taking their business to the next level of success.”

Louisa Brown –Wicked Dance Works

“First I’d like to say thanks very much for an awesome workshop. I’m going to go straight back and start implement everything that I learned this morning, straight away while it’s fresh in my brain.”

Joe Jooste –Gilmour & Jooste Electrical

“We have increased our profit margin, reduced the number of hours we work in the business and we’re virtually debt free.

We’ve learned how to employ the right team. We have 2 new team members and more vans on the road. We are enjoying the business more – and it’s not all about the money!

Business Coaching is a very exciting and rewarding experience. It has been beyond our expectations.”

Terri Billington 

– Visionary Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Instrument for Change

“Pauline is an inspirational Business owner, Business Coach, presenter and colleague. A key strength of Pauline’s is her creativeness and ability to Coach her clients into finding their own. Her versatility allows her to fit into both a leadership and team player role.

As a presenter, Pauline is an inspiration to all who have the opportunity to learn from her.

I would highly recommend Pauline to anyone who would love massive shifts in their business and personal lives.”

Jen Pryor – Pryority Office Management Services

“Thank you Pauline for a lovely morning. It was very informative and, myself being a bookkeeper coming from a bookkeeping background, even I’ve taken away some information that’s relevant to not only bookkeeping but that I can also use in my own business. So thank you again, it was excellent!”

Kate Bird – Colour Me Kate

“I’ve just attended Pauline’s Women in Business Master Class. It was mind-blowing! It was one of the best 3-hour sessions that I have spent in a long time. Pauline is so knowledgeable about her stuff and I didn’t know what I didn’t know! Now I’m going to go home and try to put it into practice and watch my business fly. Thank you so much Pauline and I really enjoyed it!”

Kier and Sam Forsyth – Mr Rentals Rockingham

  • Franchisee of the Year 2011 – Australia/NZ – Mr Rental Rockingham Winning Business:
  • Australian Franchise Council Award 2009 1st Runner-up – Mr Rental RockinghamRockingham Kwinana Business Awards 2009 – Best Franchise Mr Rental Rockingham
  • Rockingham Kwinana Business Awards 2009 – Best Franchise Mr Rental Rockingham
  • Australian Franchise Council Award 2009 1st Runner-up – Mr Rental Rockingham
  • ActionCOACH Annual Award – Most Significant Growth Local Business – Dec 07
  • Turnover up 28.7%
  • GP up 77.5%
  • NP up 148%
  • Lead generation up 3.3%
  • Conversion up 11.1%
  • Avg $ Sale up 9.1%
  • 33% increase in time spent with Family
  • The business now works under management, allowing the owners plenty of family time including overseas holidays.

“Since being involved with Pauline, Sam and I have enjoyed being owners of a business once again.

Pauline, in her special and unique way, has been instrumental in giving us the tools to help reignite our enthusiasm & passion for our business again, continually asking us relevant questions, whilst allowing us to derive our own answers.

We now have a business which can, and does, run profitably and successfully, without us. This has been brought about by our change in mindset, application of systems & procedures, and with having a team now that really do walk through the door in the morning with enthusiasm and ownership.

Thanks very much Pauline, for everything.”

Jan Ford – Jan Ford Real Estate Port Hedland WA


  • Pilbara Regional Awards Finalist 2008 – Jan Ford Real Estate
  • Telstra Business Women’s Awards – WINNER Commonwealth Bank Business Owner of the Year WA 2010 – Jan Ford

“I am living the life I planned for a long time……….. a long time ago, we wrote this out…and now it is happening. Thanks for great inspiration and support Coach….”

“What a great session last week, yes it was oresome (sic) for all of us. Thank you so much for coming and seeing in town what we see. It is encouraging to have help and guidance in business and in life…”

“We’ve had a great week already. Last coaching session with the girls was oresome, and it kept getting better…”

“The girls are setting and reaching their targets and are now reaching for their stretch targets”

Suzanne and Tyler Crosbie – My Reflections

Award Winning Business:

  • Rockingham Kwinana Business Awards 2009 – Best Micro Business – My Reflections
  • Rockingham Kwinana Business Awards 2009 – Business of the Year – My Reflections
  • Rockingham Kwinana Business Awards 2011 – Best Micro Business – My Reflections
  • Telstra Small Business Award Finalists 2010 – My Reflections
  • 40 under 40 Awards 2011 – Tyler Crosbie – My Reflections
  • ActionCOACH Annual Award for Innovator of the Year Local Business – Dec 07
  • Turnover up 312%
  • Lead generation up 175%
  • Avg $ Sale up 15%
  • Increase in time spent with Family 29%
  • Grown the business from retail to wholesale and secured 2 new national contracts
  • Tapped into new corporate market
  • Implemented new IT systems saving a minimum of 15 hours per week

“We had a major change in mindset from hating the business to loving it and committed to do whatever it takes.”

“Our biggest challenges have been without a doubt, mindset. We were not aligned as business owners and there was little to no vision of what could be. We both knew something had to change or we would wind up being a statistic of business failure.”

“Changing our mindset around team has ultimately produced the greatest benefit to our business. More than anything we have adopted the principle that Pauline taught us of ‘There is a line and that we can choose to be above or below it’. We have worked tirelessly on our systems and the effect is massive results in our turnover and growth.”

Veronica Smith – Donnabella Bridal Couture and All Formals


  • Rockingham Kwinana Business Awards Finalists – Donnabella Bridal
  • Rockingham Kwinana Business Awards 2010 – Business person of the Year – Veronica Smith Donnabella Bridal
  • ActionCOACH Annual Award – Business Leader of the Year Local Business – Dec 07
  • Grown the business – Opened a second business
  • Turnover up by 42%
  • Decrease in hours worked 33%
  • Attended “Billionaire In Training” in Las Vegas 2 weeks – business worked without them for 1st time in 12 months

“Pauline has provided me with an opportunity to develop the leadership skills that are essential to the growth of my businesses.”

“The knowledge and skills acquired from a variety of programs on offer has allowed me to set achievable goals that my team can work toward every day. Consequently, our businesses have celebrated increases in turnover and profit that were inconceivable prior to investing in the Business Coach program.”

“Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and butt kicking this year! I have really enjoyed getting to know you better and I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated mentor in my life.”

Nikki Brooks

Stewart Corporate Pty Ltd
Stewart’s @ Brookleigh Pty Ltd
Brookleigh Equestrian Pty Ltd
Health & Spa At Brookleigh

“Pauline coaches with integrity, intuition and intelligence.”

“Since Brookleigh Estate management team has been under the tuition of Pauline major changes have occurred on the property all positive and all as a direct result of coaching. One business has gone from a negative to positive bottom line. Another business has redirected its energies and services to a simpler format and also become profitable in the 3 months it has been running.”

“Our focus of coaching has now moved from management of businesses to the management of major events.”

“Pauline’s ongoing coaching is invaluable to our companies as she encourages us to work “on” the business growth, when it’s always so easy to get caught up working “in” the business!”

Neil Reveler

Brookleigh Equestrian Estate / Stewarts’ Restaurant


  • Business sustained profit for last 6 months, prior to never making a profit
  • Employed a fantastic team with Action’s recruiting system
  • Business works 80% without owner and director.
  • Able to take many overseas trips per year
  • Enabled Director to purchase Dream Property by the ocean

“The Brookleigh team have been receiving coaching from Pauline Bright for two years now and many of the positive changes that we have affected are as a direct result of the coaching and training that we have received from Pauline. Stewart’s restaurant has now gone into a profit mode and has sustained that position for the last 6 months. We now have systems and team members who responsible for their own areas.

“Apart from the financial achievements we now have a committed team that are passionate about their workplace and their goals. Team training days with Pauline have become a much looked forward to event at Brookleigh.”

“On a personal level I feel that I have grown and developed in ways greater than I would have ever hoped for, two years ago. Pauline showed me the tools to organise myself and my life. I now work on my business and achieve what I could only dream of for so many years.”

“One year ago I purchased my dream – A holiday home on the ocean. Now, I not only own my own piece of heaven but I am able to spend two or three days in it, I do so without any guilt feelings as I know that our systems are in place and my team have pride in the work.”

“Pauline is not only my coach but has become a constant source of inspiration. As a creative person myself, I have found Pauline immensely helpful in directing my strengths to successful conclusions for both my business and myself.”

“I mostly admire Pauline’s ability to adapt her training methods to suit her clients. The personalities at Brookleigh are different to many others in business. Pauline realised this from the outset and has always dealt with us in very effective ways.”

Alison Polson

The Ploughman’s Restaurant


  • Turnover up by 25%
  • Took a business that was running at a loss and sold it for a profit after 6 months
  • Employed a fantastic team with Action’s recruiting system
  • Created systems to enable owners to work on the business 1 day per week each

“Pauline taught us to set goals; we fired all our “staff” and made them team members. We fine-tuned our ordering, stock control and menus. Our weekly coaching sessions with Pauline were always uplifting we always left the session feeling refreshed and excited.”

“We have sold the restaurant, by setting our RAS and putting it in the present tense. We set a date and everything fell into place. I look at the lessons I have learned from Pauline, not only for business but for life. Everything I have learned has been amazing.”

Hello, I’m Pauline Bright.

I help business owners with big ideas design the kind of business they’ve always wanted.

I’m fascinated by challenges that puzzle, confound or frustrate business owners. I love helping professional practices and left-brain businesses find creative solutions to money, marketing, people-wrangling and pretty much anything a growing business can throw at you.

I’ve coached and trained hundreds of business owners, reinventing and redesigning their businesses to get a lot more enJOYment out of their work – and life!

Let’s talk.

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