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If you want to have a long-lasting, enjoyable, PROFITABLE business, knowing how Money and Numbers work will get you to your financial goals FASTER… and save you years of potential business heartache

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, how hard you work, how many gizmos and doodads you sell, how much time you swap for dollars…

  • If you don’t know your numbers you could be working for nothing!
  • Or worse, you could be eating into your savings or borrowing money with no way to pay it back! 

My promise… I will teach you to understand Money and Numbers in a language you can understand – not dry, dusty or boring, not gobbledegook… just plain simple explanations and strategies to use in your business that will help you MAKE more money, stop worrying … and get your life back!

  • You’ll FIND the HIDDEN money in your business.
  • You’ll have a pricing strategy that makes good financial sense – not one that is based on what your competition charges or that has been “plucked out of thin air”.
  • You’ll find out what Break-even is for YOUR business. That’s the money you have to make BEFORE you pay yourself! I even have a cool e-tool to make it easy to work out. (Break-even often comes as a shock to some people because they’ve never workied it out!)
  • You’ll FINALLY know what it’s going to take to make REAL money in your business, what hours you need to put in for the income you want AND much more leveraged ways of running your business so it doesn’t take over your life!
  • You’ll learn what Cashflow Forecasting is – some people call it a budget, but some think that’s just a nasty word! I’ll show you how to do it without swearing!
  • I will teach you how to make good financial decisions… using FACTS not INTUITION
  • You may even learn to like numbers – I did!

This 2.5 hour Focused Workshop is for YOU if you…

Know you have a good product or service and are ready to learn about Money and Numbers in a language that you can understand…

If you are a solo-preneur or micro-business now, but you have a bigger vision…

If you have plans to GROW your business but you are “stuck” when it comes to money and numbers…

Here are the details:

The Business Women and Money Workshop

WOW! The first workshop was a smash hit… so we’ll do it again!

If you need a helping hand to convert all that finance “lingo” into something more understandable and relatable to YOUR business…

Register your interest for the next Women and Money event

AND I’ll send you some little “Financial Freedom” videos to get you started.

MY PROMISE: Absolutley NO hard to understand dry, dusty boring content – just 100% money and numbers in YOUR language.

Business Coach in Mandurah

Business Coach Mandurah
Workshop lead by Pauline Bright
Business coach / mentor / trainer
phone 0413 739 196
email pauline@paulinebright.com
website www.paulinebright.com

About Pauline

Pauline Bright is an award winning business owner, presenter, speaker, writer and business coach who has coached and trained hundreds of people to trust in themselves, believe in their dream and do the work that is necessary to be a success. Her clients come from many industry sectors: they are accountants, finance brokers, financial planners, lawyers, IT professionals, consultants, health providers, trainers, tradespeople, retailers, franchisees, coaches, and many more… They have brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. They have a drive to succeed. They win awards. They enjoy their businesses AND have a life!