Business Bliss Program

Here’s what’s in the 90 Day program…


This 90 Day Program is based on my Powerfully Effective Business Blueprint. It is the “lite” version of the full monthly program. Try it as a “taste test” to see if we’re a good fit together.

The Program covers the 4 Main areas of business you need to focus on:

  1. It starts with YOU as the SPARK Creator – driving your business, giving it the essence of your Talents, Skills and Experience.
  2. The C.O.R.E. Client Attractor  will bring you an abundance of ideal clients through Sales and Marketing
  3. The PROFIT Mastery System is all about money and numbers to help you make and keep the money you really want
  4. The Smooth Running Process will get you out of overwhelm and into Calm Control

The “nuts’n’bolts” of the Program

  • This is a 90 day Program, give or take a day or two.
    It is a group program delivered live online via webinars and social media.
  • The next Program begins on the 1st October 2014.
  • First you’ll complete an In Depth profile of your business via the Discovery Document. This will get you focused and ready for your 1 to 1 call with Pauline
  • Then you have a  45 minute One to One Discovery Session with Pauline via Skype or phone call before the course starts to get very clear on the potential of your business, your goals and the outcomes you want. The call will be recorded.
  • There are 6 Business Bliss Coaching Mastermind Webinars of 60 minutes each with Pauline, live & recorded – including time for asking questions and getting answers.
  • You’ll have Fortnightly Action Assignments to embed your knowledge and implement in your business.
  • There is a Facebook Business Bliss Mastermind private group with Pauline and your course companions to ask questions, get answers and share knowledge. Priceless!
  • And of course, all the Templates, tools and all course materials to set you up for long term success; you’ll use these for years to come!


If your business has taken over your life – you’re in the right place. I built the Business Bliss in 90 Days program specifically for you! First off, let me explain how this works… I will not try to sell you on joining the program, instead, I will simply tell you who it is for …and who it’s not for and then you can decide if you want to take the next step.

If you’re looking for:

  • a way to run your business that is more fun that what you’re doing now
  • more control of your own destiny – less stress and worry
  • more meaning, more gratitude and perhaps more recognition
  • the missing bits that make a business successful… beyond being good at the “technical” work of your business
  • smoother more elegant ways to make more money…

you’re in the right place at the right time…

This program IS for:

  • People with active businesses who are able to fully commit to the program and pay the $997+GST tuition fees for the 90 Day program (in one payment or a 3-pay payment plan)
  • People who are willing to think differently, and do different things to eliminate the stress from their business and personal lives.
  • People who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace just as much as they value making money.
  • People who know their business can be run more effectively and efficiently as it grows, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
  • People who are already successful, and want to enjoy their business more, make more money easily and have time to enjoy it.

This program is NOT for:

  • People who are looking for a quick fix without making real and lasting change
  • People who don’t have time to follow through on commitments
  • People who are just getting started, and haven’t sold anything yet.

And if I may be brutally honest: I expect you to work!

You’ll be required to implement what you learn …fast …and share your results: you’ll be asked to share what’s working in your business with the rest of the group (just as fellow members will be required to share their knowledge with YOU).

If you have questions about this program and its suitability for you and your business please email and we will arrange a 10 minute phone call with Pauline to answer your questions

Course fees:

Single payment  $1096.70 in one payment (includes GST)

Payment Plan     3 payments of $374 over 8 weeks (includes GST)

*course fees in $AUD


Payment Options for Business Bliss 90 Day Program

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For quickest results please email me at you can also reach me via phone: 08 95819120 or 0413 739196Best regards,Pauline BrightPrincipalBright Business AFFILIATE AGREEMENT – WEBINARS AND PROMOTIONSPLEASE READ THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT.YOU MAY PRINT THIS PAGE FOR YOUR RECORDS.THIS IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND CO2 PTY LTD AS TRUSTEE FOR BRIGHT BUSINESS TRUST TRADING AS PAULINE BRIGHT BUSINESS COACHBY AGREEING TO BECOME AN AFFILIATE, YOU ARE AGREEING THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT AND THAT YOU AGREE TO BE LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR EACH AND EVERY TERM AND CONDITION.1. OverviewThis Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to you becoming an affiliate in’s Webinars and Promotions Affiliate Program. 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The client can pay the fee in a lump sum or in progress payments over 3 monthly instalments.The affiliate will be paid a flat fee commission of 20% + GST. The affiliate will receive the affiliate commission 7 to 14 days after the client makes payment for the program and will be paid on the amount and in the time frame that the client pays i.e. one payment or 3 progress payments. 8. 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At all times, you must clearly represent yourself and your web sites as independent from it comes to our attention that you are spamming, we will consider that cause for immediate termination of this Agreement and your participation in the Affiliate Program. Any pending balances owed to you will not be paid if your account is terminated due to such unacceptable advertising or solicitation.9. Grant of LicensesWe grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to (i) access our site through HTML links solely in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and (ii) solely in connection with such links, to use our logos, trade names, trademarks, and similar identifying material (collectively, the “Licensed Materials”) that we provide to you or authorize for such purpose. You are only entitled to use the Licensed Materials to the extent that you are a member in good standing of Affiliate Program. 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